Grass Grid

The grass grid ground reinforcement system is an ideal base for gravel driveways and offers stability and excellent drainage whilst also being affordable and environmentally friendly. Used as an alternative to paving stones or concrete, the grass grid protects the ground beneath it and can even be used on sloped areas as it helps to keep gravel in place and prevent unwanted potholes.

At Creative Driveway Solutions we use grass grids that are made from recycled materials and our team of trained installers can lay the grid quickly and efficiently. As the grass grid allows for exceptional drainage there is no need for other drainage solutions, minimising the impact to your space. The choice of colour and size of the gravel for your new driveway is up to you but we are always happy to advise and help you make the most of your property.

The unique honeycomb shape of the grass grid system is strong yet lightweight and is designed to bear heavy loads effortlessly. The grass grid can also be installed discretely, showing no visible structures when completed so you can focus on how to make your new driveway as spectacular as possible, whilst not having to worry about durability.

If you are in Welwyn Garden City, the grass grid system is perfect for new driveways as it is more subtle than other solutions and can be installed to be in-keeping with the surrounding area and feel of the garden city. Our dedicated team can work with you to ensure your new driveway meets the requirements of the Estate Management Scheme so you can enjoy your magnificent new driveway whilst meeting all relevant regulations.

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